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Improve Your Vertical Jump and Dominate The Competition with Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program

Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program ($19.95) has been helping athletes improve vertical jumping ability for over 25 years. The game's most popular vertical jump program guarantees to improve an athlete's vertical jump by 8 to 14 inches over a 4 month period using the Habitual Jump Training principle that started it all.

Air Alert

Not only will Air Alert help to improve an athlete's jumping ability, but it also helps to improve running speed, cardio endurance and overall athletic ability.

Habitual Jump Training


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Court Controller

The Court Controller Heads Up Dribbling Mask Improves a Basketball Player's Dribbling Skills, Shooting Skills, General Control of the Court

Court Controller heads up basketball dribbling mask ($14.95) is the dribbing aide of choice for all athletes looking to improve their ball control skills and focus on the court. This amazing training aide blocks vertical peripheral vision disabling your ability to see the basketball when dribbing forcing you to understand the feel of the ball. Within 10 days of wearing and playing with the Court Controller, you will improve dribbling skills by 100% and improve your confidence and over-all game play.

Court Controller

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About TMT Sports

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TMT Sports was founded in February, 1991 by Timur Tukel and operates out of Charlotte, NC. TMT Sports self-produces 2 basketball products designed to greatly improve a player's playing ability. The programs are Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program and the Court Controller blind-eyed dribbling mask.