Air Alert®: The Complete Vertical Jump Program

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Air Alert Vertical Jump Program

Baron Davis used Air Alert

Larry Hughes used Air Alert

The Game's Most Popular & Most Effective Vertical Jump Program

Jump 8 To 14 Inches Higher Or It's Free!

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How to jump higher and improve your vertical leap, you ask! Air Alert®: The Complete Vertical Jump Program, Version IV is the answer and has been the answer for over 22 years. Habitual Jump Training This amazing vertical jump program guarantees you will jump 8 to 14 inches higher based…
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written by Jerry Briggs - Air Alert User Jumps Highest at 2009 NFL Combine (sets mark of 42.5 inches) Jacksonville Jaguars rookie wide receiver Jarret Dillard didn't know exactly what the neighbors were talking about as they walk past his house in San Antonio on those hot, summer days…
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The Wei-Wu-Wei Focus & Motivation Program is a free, bonus program installed within the Air Alert jump training workout DVD and booklet and will help you to improve the mental aspect of your game and become that much better of an athlete. Wei-Wu-Wei basically means "action - without - action"…

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The Game's #1 Jump Training Program

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1 Air Alert Jump Training Program
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Your order includes:

- 33 minute Air Alert training DVD
- 43 paged Air Alert training manual
- Air Alert phase I workout chart
- Air Alert phase II workout chart
- 2 measurement charts
- English & Spanish versions
- Motivational slam dunk video
- Free Wei Wu Wei focus and zone-play program


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Air Alert Jump Program Key Points

  • 1. a true vertical jump program
  • 2. Habitual Jump Training
  • 3. easy to understand training DVD and training booklet
  • 4. 6 unique jumping exercises that isolates leaping muscles
  • 5. exercises involve no lateral jumps making it safe on knees
  • 6. requires no weight training or any specialized equipment
  • 7. conveniently work out at home- no need to go to a gym
  • 8. a 2 phase vertical jump training program
  •     - Air Alert Phase I - jump 8 to 14 inches higher
  •     - AA Advanced Phase II - 6 weeks - add 3"-6" more
      • 9. 3 day per week rotating work out schedule
      •     - odd weeks: Monday - Wednesday - Friday
      •     - even weeks: Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
      •     -allows for 3 day rest and recovery weekends
      • 10. guarantees long lasting results or it is free
      • 11. recommended for male & female athletes 11 and older

Air Alert Will Work For You