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Welcome To Air Alert Jump Training - A Message From The Author

Hello Players, Parents and Coaches;

Let me introduce you to Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump Program, Version IV, the primary vertical jump training program used by serious athletes wishing to learn how to jump higher and improve running speed naturally and without the use of any weights, gimmicky equipment or unsafe supplements.

This amazing program, which I developed in 1991, has been helping athletes improve athletically since that time, and to this day, it remains the safest and most effective method for naturally, enthusiastically and efficiently increasing one's vertical leap by an astonishing 8 to 14 inches and increasing one's sprinting by a blistering .2-.4 sec in the 40 yard dash - all without the use of any weightlifting whatsoever!

Air Alert is for real! It works like no other - Trust Me!. It has helped over 1 million athletes world-wide and continues to help over 500 athletes each day become all-around, better athletes and it will help you to do the same. All you need to do is be serious, dedicated and have a true desire to succeed.

Yes, you must work hard. Yes, you must commit yourself. Yes, you must believe. And quite honestly, if you do not have this level of passion within you, then I can't say Air Alert is for you.

But if you do want to be better and become the best you can be, then Air Alert is the tool you should consider. Like I said, it works like no other. It is definitely no gimmick like most of the programs you see online. Air Alert is the one and only true vertical jump program that has traversed itself across the globe and has sustained its effectiveness and popularity for all these years by pro and amateur athletes.

So, give it a try. Get your very own copy for only $19.95. And I'll throw in a 2nd one absolutely free for a friend or teammate.

I guarantee you'll be completely satisfied and I guarantee that, by the beginning of next season, you will simply amaze those that you play with and those that you play against.

Thanks for visiting and good luck with your training.

Timur Tukel
Author, Air Alert: The Complete Vertical Jump
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How To Jump Higher & Improve Your Vertical Jump

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AA package

Air Alert®: The Complete Vertical Jump Program is a true vertical jump program that guarantees you will jump 8 to 14 inches higher.

These amazing results are achieved by utilizing our unique and proven principle, "Habitual Jump Training" which uses only your body weight paired with the 6 unique jump training exercises specifically designed to attack your legs at different angles isolating the muscles designed especially for jumping. By precisely executing the exercises and by precisely following the 3 day per week workout, your leg muscles develop an unconscious pattern of behavior - a habitual jumping pattern which allows you to effortlessly increase your jumping ability to a level that will absolutely surprise you.

Also referred to as the Kangaroo Effect, this method of jump training develops instinctual and effortless jumping. You simply won't believe the gains you will achieve over the 15 week workout period and you simply will not believe how little effort you will exert when jumping high. Air Alert® and the Habitual Jump Training model will teach your legs to jump and once they have learned, your legs will respond beyond your belief.

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A 2 Phase Program

Air Alert®, Version IV is 2-phase system designed to maximize gains over 2 sessions.

Phase I - Air Alert will increase your leap by 8 to 14 inches over 15 weeks while Phase II - Air Alert Advanced, will increase it by an additional 3-5 inches over 6 weeks.

3 Day Per Week Rotating Schedule

aa groupAir Alert® (Phase I) and Air Alert® Advanced (Phase II) both operate on a 3 day rotating style schedule based on odd and even weeks.

During the odd weeks (weeks 1, 3, 5 and so on), you will conduct Air Alert on Monday-Wednesday-Friday. And during the even weeks (weeks 2, 4, 6 and so on), you will conduct Air Alert® on Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday. The basis for this schedule is 3-fold. The every other day workouts build muscle strength whereas the even week, 3 consecutive day workouts focus on the instinctive jump training. And finally, this workout allows your legs 3 full days of recovery during each weekend minimizing overworked muscles and maximizing your potential.

9 Step Workout System

step8 squathopsThe Air Alert® jump training program is a 9 step system that utilizes 6 exercises that attack the thighs, calves, butt and hamstrings.

The exercises are as follows:  Leap ups which attack the quads, Step Ups which work the butt and quads, Squat Hops which work the butt and quads, Calf Raises which work the calf muscles, Thrust Ups which work the calf and outer thigh muscles and Burnouts which work the upper calf.

We also recommend sprinting 2 days per week to strengthen the hamstrings.

Convenient And Safe Workout

Air Alert®, Version IV is also convenient. Its natural body weight training technique means no need to go to a weight room.  You can complete the program privately in the comfort of your own home or backyard and jam and work out to your own motivational music, and all you need is a stool or chair and basketball shoes.

And Air Alert®, Version IV is safe. Because it utilizes only your body weight and no weight training, and because the exercises require no side to side stress jumps to the knees; this is the safest jump training program on the market and provides the longest lasting results.

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Don't be skeptical; Air Alert® Works! It has worked for millions of athletes around the world and it has helped professional athletes such as Larry Hughes and Baron Davis of the NBA and Jarett Dillard of the NFL become successful athletes and it will definitely work for you.

Stick with Air Alert®, Version IV and follow it exactly as written. Once you understand and execute it properly, you will jump 8 to 14 inches higher and you will play with more energy and strength that you ever have. Your confidence will grow and your skills will only improve. You will become a all-around, better ball player.

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Fully Guaranteed To Work

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Use Air Alert correctly for the full 15 weeks and if you do not jump at least 8 to 14 inches higher or you're not satisfied, then keep everything you purchased and we'll refund your money in full.

It's that simple!

User Testimonials - It Will Work For You!

"Air Alert really works, and not only is it effective but it works fast. you see results from only one week of use. I have been doing this for only 4 weeks and can almost dunk. GET yours today!"

-A.B., East Orange, NJ-


"Wassup Air Alert. Yeah, I just bought Air Alert and I started and gained 2 inches in one week. I will keep you posted. Peace."

-Nate Wilson, Ewa Beach, HI-


"I have played basketball for only 1 year and can already dunk because of Air Alert. I am only 5'9". I have jumped one meter from inside the free throw line and dunked the ball. When asked how; I say 'Air Alert'."

-Hakeem (16), Eslov, Skane-


"Air Alert is crazy. I was a good 3 inches from the backboard but I used Air Alert for one day on a Monday. The next day on Tuesday, I went to the gym and could touch the back. In only one day!"

-B. Stock, Toronto, Canada-


"Air Alert works. I started in November [and] I'm on week 5 and grabbing rim with ease. I'm 5'7". I used AA for track because it makes my start fast as hell."

-M. McIntosh, Kalamazoo, MI-


"Air Alert is the best thing ever!. I'm 5'7" and I can grab a 10 foot rim right now, and I'm only in week 4. I think I'll be able to dunk. Before I had Air Alert, I was only able to touch the net . . . and barely too.

-Noushad Mamun, Davie, FL-


"Air Alert is the best program for improving your vertical leap. I have been using it for 9 weeks and I've gained 10 inches on my 23 inch vertical leap. I'm 5'3" and I'm only 12 years old. GET AIR ALERT NOW!"

-J. Carpenter, Chicago, IL-


"Air Alert is the best. Before I started, I could only touch the rim. Now I can hang on it easily and I'm on the 4th week. It has helped me improve by about 6 inches. Thanks a lot Air Alert."

 -Robert Rausch, Miami, FL-


 "I'm 5'10" and before Air Alert I had a 23" vertical. Now I have a 37" vertical and can flush it 2 hands! The chicks dig the dunks! And the Air Alert presentation is the best thing ever!"

 -Jesus Leno, Ormond Beach, FL- 


"I am only 5'9" and I started Air Alert my freshman year and was able to grab rim. Now I'm a sophomore and I can throw it down. Air Alert is the real deal."

 -Chad Whitmore, Berea, KY-