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Step 6: Thrust Ups

Thrust Ups is an exercise designed primarily to strengthen your calves; however, it also strengthens the sides of your thighs and help with elasticity of the Achilles tendons.

This exercise develops the muscles required for quick, repeating jumps.

To perform the exercise, simply jump straight up and as soon as you land, thrust yourself back up as hard and as high as you possibly can.When you land, it is important that you allow your legs to bend ever so slightly. It is very important that you are back up in the air as high and as quick as possible to get the full effect of this exercise. Bending your legs too much will help strengthen the front of your thighs, not the calves and sides of your thighs as the exercise is designed to do. You can use your arms to help thrust yourself back up into the air.

Thrust Ups

Step 1: Begin with your legs slightly bent
Step 2: Thrust yourself up as high as you possibly can
Step 3: The split second that you land, thrust back up as high as you can allowing your legs to bend only slightly. It is helpful to use your arms to throw yourself back up into the air

Rest about 1 minute between sets.


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