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Step 5: Step Ups

Step Ups is an exercise designed to strengthen your thighs and is excellent for developing single leg jumping power needed for finishing fast breaks and drives to the basket.

You will need a sturdy chair or stool that will not slip on the floor.

Place the chair or stool directly in front of you and step one foot onto it so that your thigh is parallel to the floor or slightly pointing upward. Place only the ball (front half of your foot) on the chair. Make sure that your leg is pushing straight down and is not at an angle. You will be in a stepping position with one leg elevated and one leg on the floor.

To begin the exercise, push straight down and step (jump) into the air as hard and as high as you can using only the strength from the elevated leg. Make sure that your grounded is not assisting you when jumping off of the chair.

While airborne, switch legs when you are at your peak height. As you descend, allow the elevated leg that was once on the ground to absorb your body weight. Descend slowly and do not let your body drop clumsily to the floor. Pushing off the chair and landing on the ground should be a smooth, controlled motion. Once you land, the leg you pushed up with will now be on the floor.

Once you have landed, wait 1/2 second, then push yourself back into the air with the opposite, elevated leg.

This completes 1 repetition.

Perform this exercise in an assertive, steady manner. Remember to jump as hard and as high as you can on each Step Up. Switching legs rapidly and barely jumping off of the chair is not effective.

Step Ups

Step 1: Begin with one thigh on the chair parallel to the ground or slightly pointing upward
Step 2: With all of your strength, push straight down with the elevated leg and leap off of the chair as high as you can
Step 3: Switch your legs at your peak height
Step 4: Land slowly with the opposite leg
Step 5: Repeat 1 Step Up with the opposite, elevated leg. One complete cycle (right leg and then left leg) completes 1 repetition

Rest 2 to 3 minutes between sets.


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