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Work Your Hamstrings

Air Alert® is designed to strengthen your thighs and calves. You must strengthen your hamstrings, which are the support muscles for the thighs, to prevent from pulling or straining them when running or jumping.

There are two ways to strengthen these muscles. The first is by sprinting and the second is by doing leg curls.


Before you begin to sprint, it is very important that you thoroughly stretch your thighs, calves and hamstrings.

Make sure that you sprint has hard as you can bringing your thighs up as high as possible into your chest. Pump your arms when you sprint.
We recommend doing 10, 50 yard sprints two times per week.

Leg Curls

For leg curls you will need access to a leg curling machine. To do the exercise, lie flat on your stomach and place your heels underneath the padded cross bar behind you, and, at a weight that you can do about 12 times, slowly pull your legs toward your buttocks and then slowly release back to the starting position. Complete 4 sets of 12 repetitions 2 times per week.

Weight Training With Air Alert®

While using Air Alert®, you might want to consider lifting weights to enhance your strength and physical look. If you are lifting weights 2 to 3 times per week with your upper body, then it is okay to continue doing Air Alert® as scheduled.

If you plan to lift weights with your legs then you may have to alter your training schedule. Lift with your legs only 2 times per week while doing Air Alert®. Lift at least 3 days apart. You may do Air Alert® and lift with your legs on the same day.

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